We visited Twin Gullies in May 2017 and immediately fell in love with its 1880s character, the amazing views, and the unique stand alone private accommodation that we would be able to offer to our guests.  The close proximity to the sea was a natural choice for us, satisfying a long held love for the sea which we gained through our time collectively sailing in excess of 60,000 ocean miles. Our most recent voyage was in 2011 when we sailed home from Europe in the company of our kids. 

We are pleased to have created the opportunity to share our love for the sea with our guests by recently adding sailing on Akaroa Harbour  as a 3 hour activity. Sailing isn't for everyone but many that try it are hooked for life.


We love meeting new and interesting people and we look forward to welcoming you to our piece of paradise

Richard and Jane Ray

Twin Gullies

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